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The food industry demands high speeds and precision. The systems need to be rugged enough to withstand high pressure wash downs which requires IP69K components. The machine designs must take into account hygiene and be easy to clean.

We have worked on dozens of projects improving the speed, improving the consistency and quality and reducing work related injuries.

We can build a complete solution or work with your design team to help with any aspect of your project.

We have redone other integrators designs that haven't worked up to their claims. We will redo other integrators controls and get them to work properly.

Call us, we can help solve your issues.


Precise placement of sauce on dough moving at a high rate of speed.

System detects the dough of the food product on conveyor and synchronizes the placement of the sauce ... Read More


Rebuild control system for a sausage making machine.

Old system had hard to get parts and no service. Reviewed existing design and built new control cabinets.... Read More